Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD

China Oxygen Cylinder

Price  9,000 BDT

Type: standard
Weight: 15 kg
Hight: 3 ft
Pressure: 2000 litters
Up To: 15 litter/mi
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Islam Oxygen Cylinder

Price  9,500 BDT

Type: standard
Weight: 15 kg
Hight: 3 ft
Pressure: 2000 litters
Up To: 15 litter/mi
Call Now: 01718930914

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Linde Oxygen Cylinder

Price  18,000 BDT

Type: standard
Weight: 15 kg
Hight: 3 ft
Pressure: 2000 litters
Up To: 15 litter/mi
Call Now: 01718930914

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Are you searching for a cost-effective and reliable source of oxygen? Your search ends here! Introducing our Oxygen Cylinders, your ultimate solution for all your oxygen needs. We're dedicated to helping you find the best deals on oxygen cylinders and essential medical supplies. Whether you're a business owner or an individual, we've got you covered with the most competitive prices in town.
Explore our wide range of oxygen cylinders designed to meet your unique requirements. From compact and portable cylinders, perfect for on-the-go use, to high-capacity cylinders suitable for large hospitals, clinics, and homes – we've got it all! Our cylinders are engineered for convenience, safety, and efficiency, ensuring you have access to life-saving oxygen when you need it most.

What is an Oxygen Cylinder?

An oxygen cylinder is a pressurized container designed to store and supply oxygen for medical, industrial, or recreational purposes. These cylinders are typically made of aluminum or steel and are available in various sizes and capacities to cater to different needs.
In medical settings, oxygen cylinders are a critical component of healthcare, providing a supplemental oxygen source for individuals with respiratory conditions, during surgeries, or in emergency situations. They are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and ambulances to ensure patients receive an adequate supply of oxygen to support their breathing.
Overall, oxygen cylinders play a vital role in ensuring the availability of oxygen in a wide range of settings, helping individuals maintain their health, and supporting various industrial and recreational activities.

Types of oxygen cylinders used in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, as in many other countries, various types of oxygen cylinders are used to meet different medical, industrial, and recreational needs. Here are some of the common types of oxygen cylinders used in Bangladesh:

Medical Oxygen Cylinders: 

These cylinders are specifically designed and regulated for medical use. They contain high-purity oxygen and are used in hospitals, clinics, and ambulances to provide oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory conditions or during surgical procedures. Medical oxygen cylinders come in different sizes, including small portable cylinders for home use and larger ones for hospitals.

Portable Oxygen Cylinders: 

Portable oxygen cylinders are smaller, lightweight cylinders designed for easy transport. They are commonly used by individuals with respiratory conditions who require oxygen therapy on the go. These cylinders are also suitable for outdoor activities and travel.

Liquid Oxygen Containers:

In some healthcare facilities, liquid oxygen containers are used instead of traditional compressed gas cylinders. Liquid oxygen is stored at extremely low temperatures, and it is converted into a gas form when needed. This type of system is used in larger medical facilities to provide a continuous and high-flow oxygen supply.

Oxygen Concentrators: 

While not cylinders in the traditional sense, oxygen concentrators are essential devices in Bangladesh. They extract oxygen from the surrounding air and provide it through a nasal cannula or mask. Oxygen concentrators are widely used for home-based oxygen therapy, especially for patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

Linde ​oxygen cylinder:

Linde is one of the most popular oxygen cylinder brands in the country. It produces  high  quality, reliable and durable  cylinders. These ​oxygen cylinders are ideal for those who need a portable oxygen supply for medical emergencies or for use in industrial environments. Linde cylinders are also easy to use and have a wide range of customization options, making them the ideal choice for any business or individual. Oxygen cylinder price in BD.

Which oxygen cylinder is best for home use?

The choice of the best oxygen cylinder for home use depends on several factors, including the specific medical needs of the individual, the prescribed oxygen flow rate, portability requirements, and budget considerations. Here are two common options for home use:

Portable Oxygen Cylinder:

Portability: Small portable oxygen cylinders are lightweight and easy to transport, allowing individuals to move around the home and even outside.
No Electricity Required: Oxygen cylinders don't rely on electricity, making them suitable during power outages or in areas with unreliable power supply.
Immediate Availability: Oxygen cylinders are readily available for use without any setup or waiting time. Best Oxygen cylinder price in BD.

Oxygen Concentrator:

Continuous Oxygen Supply: Oxygen concentrators can provide a continuous and stable supply of oxygen for extended periods.
No Need for Refills: Unlike traditional oxygen cylinders, concentrators don't require regular refilling. They extract oxygen from the surrounding air.
Portability Options: There are portable oxygen concentrators available, which are ideal for individuals who want to maintain an active lifestyle while receiving oxygen therapy.
Quiet Operation: Oxygen concentrators operate quietly, making them suitable for home use without causing disturbances.

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